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When we think about work, we rarely associate emotions with it – at least, not out loud.

Typically, it is idealized that we “shut off” our emotions at work in order to do a good job. Ed Ross believes the opposite – rather than pretending to not have emotions while getting work done, Ed uses Emotional Intelligence as his guide for consulting. No, this doesn’t mean crying on the clock, but rather understanding your emotions, and understanding how they affect others. He incorporates it into his consulting by helping leaders understand how their emotional intelligence is driving their organization’s culture and performance, and helping individuals to understand how their emotional intelligence is affecting their customers or driving their customers’ behaviors. 

Before Ed ventured into entrepreneurship, he was a salesman. At the beginning of his career, he would’ve guessed he would never move beyond a sales position and if you’ve ever met Ed and experienced his chirpy and charming personality, you’d know right away that sales was made for him; however, it wasn’t until he got the opportunity to lead a sales team that he found his true calling, which was helping others achieve their goals. Today, Ed is a Solutions Architect & Strategist for his company, Michigan and Manchester (affectionately known as M&M). 

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