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At Provident1898, we’re more just than another coworking space with a few desks, Wi-Fi, and conference rooms. We’re an entrepreneur community where ingenuity, creativity, and success thrive. If you have heard about our entrepreneur community and our approach has sparked your interest, here are some things you should know about us:

  • We’re a co-working community comprised of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We’re passionate about building progress and equitable workspaces.
  • We were inspired to start our entrepreneur community based on Durham’s legacy of black business success. As part of this, we are located on the historic grounds of NC Mutual Life Insurance.
  • Our multi-industry, contemporary coworking space was designed by artists and entrepreneurs for dreamers and doers. We’re fiercely committed to our tenets of inclusion and diversity.
  • Our coworking space includes dedicated desks, hot desks, three conference rooms, phone booths, dedicated suites, a café, and plenty of room to stretch your legs and let inspiration strike.
  • We have several membership programs you can pick from. These include access to our coworking spaces and amenities as well as many other perks.
  • There’s a place here for everyone – we believe cross-cultural innovation is what contributes to shared economic prosperity.

Turn your ideas into actions by joining our entrepreneur community and start working alongside others who share your passion and drive. Find out more about what we have to offer and why joining us is the right move for your creativity as you strive for greater success in business.