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If you have visited our coworking space, you probably already know that we are located inside of the historic Mutual Plaza. This structure is one of Durham‘s most historic and iconic buildings. The NC Mutual and Provident Association was founded in 1898, which is where we get the basis for our name.

The Tower at Mutual Plaza is the re-imagination of one of Durham‘s most iconic landmark buildings. Founded in 1898, the North Carolina Mutual and Provident Association (later named North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co.) established itself as the cornerstone of what would become the world famous “Black Wall Street” in Durham, NC. Founders John Merrick and Dr. Aaron Moore, pillars of Durham’s Black community, then grew the company into a quarter-million-dollar venture by 1910. At its height, North Carolina Mutual was the largest Black-owned company in the United States for much of the 20th century, having served millions of Americans through employment, mortgages, and premiums in its first 120 years.

We proudly reside in the Tower at Mutual Plaza because it connects us to this rich legacy and stands as a beacon of Black commerce. This is where the Provident1898 story began and where we continue to inspire the doers, creators, and thinkers of the world, beginning another chapter of entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn more about why we are so much more than a coworking space or schedule your tour by contacting us today.