What is Hot-Desking?

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Working from home is becoming increasingly common, but some people are less satisfied with this work arrangement than others. While some people are able to achieve the same level of productivity at home vs. in the office and they appreciate the flexibility of remote work, others struggle to stay focused when working from home and could benefit from more separation between their work time and their free time.

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If you fall into the second category, our team at Provident1898 can offer a solution. Instead of working from home, come to our coworking space. We offer a variety of memberships to suit your needs, starting with our most affordable option: hot-desking. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what hot-desking is and how it works to help you decide if it is right for you.

The term “hot-desking” is based on the older term “hot-bedding,” which refers to an arrangement where shift workers on different shifts room together and take turns sharing a single bed. The roommate on day shift sleeps at night, while the night shift worker takes the bed during the day. Hot-desking operates on a similar principle: with a hot-desking membership, you can come to our space and take any desk that’s free. Anyone else who needs a desk and doesn’t have one reserved will do the same.

Hot-desking is a great option for anyone who just needs a place to sit down and work, and it offers access to the many other perks of our coworking space for an affordable price. If you want to learn more about our hot-desking options, just give us a call.