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Where membership has its privileges, where workspaces become villages.

Welcome to Provident1898

Provident1898 is a co-working community nestled within the historic NC Mutual Building, the cornerstone of Durham’s Black Wall Street. We’re proud of our vibrant community of members who are entrepreneurs, change-makers, and creatives. We offer a wide range of options from co-working memberships to dedicated office suites for rent to professional networking events to help you start or grow your business.

Our space includes 22 dedicated offices, four conference rooms, one large training room, and one fitness center.

We’re always looking to grow our community. Choose the membership package below that fits you best and join in the action.

What our people are saying

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Being part of the Provident1898 community has meant building genuine connections and dreaming, working, and creating alongside other folks who’ve been navigating entrepreneurship and life during a very transformative time.

Dr. Margaret A. Brunson, CEO at Illumined Leadership Solutions

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I consider the people here to be family. Being in this space has helped restore the joy in my work.

Atrayus Goode, Director at Youth Mentoring Collaborative

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It’s one thing to just be in a co-working space. But Provident1898 provides a sense of belonging.

Jeff Kirschner, CEO at Litterati

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Provident1898?

Provident1898 is a coworking community located in the NC Mutual Building, a cornerstone of Durham’s Black Wall Street. We offer a wide range of options from coworking, dedicated office suites to professional networking events to help you start or grow your business.

What type of memberships are offered? Which one is best for me?

a. Day Pass: In and out access to open coworking spaces and community lounge from 9AM – 5PM. Great if you’re dropping in town and need a space to work + connect.

b. On-Demand: 10 day (24/7) access to Provident1898 open coworking spaces and community lounge. Work from home but want a different atmosphere on occasion? This option is perfect for you.

c. All-Access: Unlimited (24/7) access to Provident1898 open coworking space and community lounge, access to fitness center + eight hours of conference room time. For those who need an everyday workspace or a professional place to take clients.

d. Dedicated Suite: Everything in the All- Access, just your own space to call home. For teams or individuals that want greater privacy.

How many rooms and spaces do you have for rent?

Our space includes 22 dedicated offices, four conference rooms, one large training room, and one fitness center.

Is there a contract to become a member?

No, there’s no contract required to become a coworking member, however; an agreement is required for our dedicated suites.

What is the policy for guests?

We encourage our members to bring guests. Please limit to two per visit. Just make sure you’re present with your guests at all times.

Are pets allowed at Provident1898?

No, but for certain cases (e.g. service animals)

Membership Options

Day Pass

Join us for the day with in-and-out keycard access from 9am-5pm, free coffee and tea, hi-speed fiber WIFI, and more…

Just $20

On Demand Membership

Within our flexible “On-Demand” membership, you get 10 all-day access passes per month for you to come into the space whenever you want to.

It’s coworking on your terms.


All Access Membership

Enjoy 24/7 access to Provident1898, along with all of the great perks that come with community life here.

Only $249/month

Private Suites/Team Options

Looking for a space for your people to thrive in this new work landscape? Contact us so that we can tailor a solution that fits your team’s unique workflow.

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We’re a community of self-starters who want to work in a place that is inclusive, and values diverse ideas, and collaboration.

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