Flexible Workspace, Chapel Hill, NC

If you’re looking for a flexible workspace, our team at Provident1898 welcomes you to try out what we have to offer.

In recent years, remote and flexible work has taken off, allowing many people to work on a schedule that best suits their unique needs. However, for many people, working from home isn’t always ideal. Whether distractions make it difficult to get things done, you don’t have a comfortable dedicated workspace, you miss the cooperative environment that going to a physical office space provides, or there’s some other reason why you’re looking for a flexible workspace, our team at Provident1898 welcomes you to try out what we have to offer.

Flexible Workspace, Provident1898

Our team is proud to offer several different flexible workspace options designed to suit a wide range of needs for those in and around the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. For those who only need to use our facilities on an occasional basis, we offer day passes that allow you to use our space any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. If you need more frequent access or prefer to work outside of typical business hours, our membership program is the ideal solution, offering you 24/7 access to our flexible workspace.

Although we’re not a traditional office space, we provide all the amenities you would expect from one. You can enjoy complimentary coffee and tea, as well as access to our coworking health and wellness studio. When you opt to use our flexible workspace, you also experience the amazing benefits that come from a collaborative environment that has been thoughtfully curated to serve as an incubator for startups, entrepreneurs, and other motivated, creative individuals who share similar values.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible workspace for your new business venture or are an established institute searching for a way to improve your employee experience through membership with us, we are proud to provide an ideal environment for you, your employees, and your business to thrive in. Reach out today to inquire about booking a tour of our facilities or to learn more about our membership options.

At Provident1898, our flexible workspace is available to entrepreneurs and artists in the Research Triangle area, including Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.