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Join us for the day with in-and-out keycard access from 9am-5pm, free coffee and tea, hi-speed fiber WIFI, and more…

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Within our flexible “On-Demand” membership, you get 10 all-day access passes per month for you to come into the space whenever you want to.

It’s coworking on your terms.

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Enjoy 24/7 access to Provident1898, along with all of the great perks that come with community life here.

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Private Suites/Team Options

Looking for a space for your people to thrive in this new work landscape? Contact us so that we can tailor a solution that fits your team’s unique workflow.

What our people are saying

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Being part of the Provident1898 community has meant building genuine connections and dreaming, working, and creating alongside other folks who’ve been navigating entrepreneurship and life during a very transformative time.

Dr. Margaret A. Brunson, CEO at Illumined Leadership Solutions

, Provident1898


I consider the people here to be family. Being in this space has helped restore the joy in my work.

Atrayus Goode, Director at Youth Mentoring Collaborative

, Provident1898


It’s one thing to just be in a co-working space. But Provident1898 provides a sense of belonging.

Jeff Kirschner, CEO at Litterati

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