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What does it take to start your own business?

Tons of funding? A magnificent private office? Access to the greatest minds that have ever existed? Well, before you can achieve any of that, you can’t miss out on one key element. Aki Garret says the first step to venturing out solo is to not be afraid of failure. 

Aki began his career in investment banking but experienced a “eureka moment” when the financial crisis of 2008 hit, causing him to go back to school for business. A competitive athlete at heart, he wanted to do something competitive, fast-paced, and exciting – so he jumped into sales trading. Over time, by taking different steps throughout his career, he learned about his likes, dislikes, what he was interested in, and what he wanted to learn. Although he didn’t begin with a master plan as to where he would end up, he is pleased with how everything turned out. Today, Aki Garret is the founder of his consulting company, Accelerate, which helps entrepreneurs with development, market positioning, growth, capital raising, and strategic planning. 

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