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Here at Provident1898, we want to help entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds do their best work, and we do that by offering high-quality office space for you to work in. We believe in the benefits of flexible office space, especially when compared to alternatives such as working from home or from a coffee shop, and we want to encourage more people to give our space a try. In this article, we will go over a few of the key advantages that using a flexible office space can offer you.

  • Lower Costs- One of the primary advantages of flexible office space is the lower costs associated with it compared to traditional office rentals. If you have been growing your business from home and hope to one day invest in dedicated work space, you may be able to take that step sooner than you originally thought by using our flexible office space rather than saving up for a traditional lease. We offer flexible terms that reduce both your commitment and the amount of financial risk you are taking on, and you will get access not just to desk space, but also to things like meeting rooms, event space, and other amenities.
  • Freedom- As we alluded to above, another advantage of flexible office space is that it allows you greater freedom. Instead of committing to a long-term lease, you can rent the space you need by the month and add more space or cut down on it as your team expands or contracts.
  • Community- A third advantage of using flexible office space is that it allows you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. A key part of the co-working model is that multiple companies, freelancers, and start-ups will be working in the same facilities, which gives all of them the perfect opportunity to forge connections and collaborate. If you are looking to join or build a community of fellow entrepreneurs and artists, our flexible office space is the perfect place to do just that.