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Your entrepreneur community gives you inspiration, feedback, and the motivation to keep going when things get tough. Your entrepreneur community is also a source for good, and there are several ways you and those you connect with at Provident1898 can give back to your local community.

  1. Sponsor Nonprofits- Look for worthy organizations in your community that align with your professional purpose and goals. Many nonprofits look for companies that can sponsor them to help with events and other activities, and sponsoring one of these organizations can give your business some credibility while doing something good.
  2. Design Giving Back into Your Business Model- Consider giving a portion of your proceeds to charity whenever you make a sale or provide a service. You may also want to consider making financial contributions to community betterment projects as your business grows and gains momentum.
  3. Look for Volunteer Opportunities – Make giving back part of your company’s ongoing mission and culture. For example, you may want to sponsor a volunteer activity in your area, or you might want to give your employees time off once a month so they can volunteer for a cause they believe in.

Maintaining a spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism within your business and entrepreneur community can make a big impact on your local area. Find other entrepreneurs who hold your same values and want to do good in their local area by joining our coworking space.