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Working from home is great – you can slide out of your bed and start your day without even changing out of your pajamas or starting your car. But there may come a day when you’re tired of working at your kitchen table and need a reason to get up and leave the house for a portion of the day.

  • If you love working from home but need to stop working from home day in and day out, there are several ways in which joining a flexible office space can benefit your productivity, mentality, and happiness.
  • Our flexible office space at Provident1898 gives entrepreneurs a greater sense of meaning and purpose within their profession. You can bounce ideas off of others, form partnerships, and even collaborate on projects.
  • When it comes to our actual facilities, our flexible office space provides all the amenities you need to comfortably work. We have high-speed Wi-Fi, plenty of collaborative and private workspaces, meeting rooms, and more.
  • Joining a flexible office space gives you the power and control to work where you want when you want. If you want to start off the day at home, but then come into our coworking space in the afternoon when your motivation wanes, you have the flexibility to do this.
  • Staring over your computer out your window day after day can get a little boring and lonely. Joining a flexible office gives you the opportunity to break out of your isolation and socialize with coworkers who have similar goals as you.