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Have you ever wanted to get business advice from an experienced professional about your company’s challenges in a confidential, judgment-free zone? Wish no further. We’ve assembled a group of the area’s best professionals to advise you on growth strategy, sales, business operations, finance, fundraising and more, and made them available for our members via our Provident1898 Venture Coaching program.

The Provident1898 Venture Coaching program provides practical guidance on company formation, funding, operations, and growth to members through a diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, service providers and advisers.

The coaches can meet with members individually or as small teams. Coaches have committed to a minimum number of hours of coaching sessions with Provident1898 members each month and we make it easy for you to book sessions via our private Provident1898 Venture Coaching calendar links.


Our Venture Coaches and their coaching areas include:

  • Emily Bahna – User experience strategy and design, Product development
  • Akinwole (Aki) Garrett – Business Strategy, Growth, Fundraising
  • Sally Hall – Software product development
  • Wilson Lester – Finance & Partnership Strategy, Leveraging Assets, How to start with no money
  • Stephen Lindberg – User experience and interactive application design
  • Lebone C. Moses – Internal Controls, Risk, Privacy and Compliance, Organizational strategy, Leadership Development
  • Frank Pollock – Branding and Marketing
  • Ed Ross – Sales Strategy, Sales Enablement, Sales Coaching, Presentation and Communication Skills

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