HomeBlogVenture CoachingA Path Forward: Strategies for Continuing the Legacy of Durham’s Black Wall Street

Durham’s Black Wall Street is an inspiration for black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs. We want to continue the legacy of Black Wall Street, and you can help us make this happen. Try the following strategies for helping us keep the legacy of Black Wall Street alive.

  • Share Your Story- If you’ve had success as a black business owner, share your story. Others want to know that there are people like them who have found success. Your story just might inspire someone else to start something great. Even if you share your story just by word of mouth or within your personal circle, opening up and sharing can be more inspiring than you think.
  • Recognize Your Success- When you experience success, no matter how small, take a minute and recognize this achievement. This will help motivate you to keep going when things don’t go according to plan and help you feel empowered to continually enhance and grow your business.
  • Remember that Evolving is Natural- Just because the strategy you used helped make your first sale doesn’t mean it will work for your next customer. Know that your market and processes will constantly evolve, and so should you. Remembering that growth and change is natural can keep you from holding onto processes that don’t work.
  • Adjust Your Goals- Do you keep experiencing tremendous business success? Although this is encouraging and something to celebrate, ask yourself if you need to push yourself to achieve loftier goals.