Reasons to Work from a Coworking Space Instead of at Home [infographic]

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 Our coworking space is more than just a place to work at Provident1898. If you’re tired of scouting local coffee shops with free Wi-Fi to work at, or making room at your kitchen table, there are several reasons why you should try working from our coworking space.

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  • Fewer distractions—Working from home means you need to stay focused on your work and resist the temptation to watch television, do household chores, or even hang out with family members. Our coworking space limits distractions, so you can be more productive with your work hours.
  • Connection opportunities—Working from home can feel isolating at times. Our coworking space gives you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives.
  • Amenities—Our coworking space offers much more than just a desk and internet connectivity. Some of our amenities include private offices, individual phone booths, free coffee and tea, curated art, and much, much more.
  • Enhanced productivity—Having a dedicated space to work from can make you more productive. Our coworking space features an energized environment that can inspire you to boost your productivity.
  • Private and shared spaces—Sometimes, you need complete silence to work while at other times, you want more social interaction and connection. We offer both shared and private workspaces, so you can achieve this balance.
  • Flexible hours—Working nontraditional hours can be a perk of working remotely. But you may not want to keep up with these hours if you have to work at home. Our coworking space is open around the clock, so you always have a place to get things done.