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Our office suites are designed for collaboration and creativity.

Grow your business at Provident1898. Our coworking space features a coffee lounge, desk areas, office suites, conference areas, meeting spots, and plenty of room to stretch your legs and meet other like-minded, driven entrepreneurs, artists, and creators.

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More specifically, our office suites come with high-speed internet, plenty of room to set up for the day, and room to meet with clients, teammates, or anyone else involved in your venture. Rent one of our office suites on an as-needed basis to complement your time in the office or working at home. Our flexible options and community of entrepreneurs will keep you coming back day after day to grow your business and enhance your personal and professional success.

Welcome to Provident1898

Located in Durham, North Carolina, our office suites are part of a larger mission to continue our work for the black ecosystem. The legacy of Black Wall Street influences our decisions and our mission to support entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. In just our first year, we engaged over 100 entrepreneurs and hosted over 40 community events supporting our transformative shared workplace.

30, Provident1898

Bring your projects, ambitions, and ideas to one of our office suites, and we will provide you with an environment where you can expand your operations, launch your business, or make your next client presentation. And while you’re here, you can connect with others who share your vision for a more diverse, equitable workplace driven by the desire to succeed. Visit us today to take a tour of our office suites and learn more about our new, innovative approach to coworking.

At Provident1898, we offer office suites to entrepreneurs and artists in the Research Triangle area, including Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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