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Our coworking memberships are a great way to find the supportive community of professional peers you’ve been looking for.

In our experience at Provident1898, working from home offers several benefits, but it also comes with serious drawbacks. Many entrepreneurs, artists, and other people who are self-employed enjoy having the freedom to set their own hours, for example, but many also hate the sense of isolation that comes from being cooped up alone.

Coworking Memberships, Provident1898 Coworking Memberships, Provident1898

If you miss having people around as you work or you’re looking for a way to separate your home time from your work time, we encourage you to look into coworking memberships. Our team at Provident1898 is here to provide the comfortable, well-appointed workspace you need, as well as a supportive, friendly community of other diverse entrepreneurs and creatives.

We are committed to fostering a welcome, supportive community for entrepreneurs and creatives in the Durham, North Carolina area. It’s part of our mission to uphold and continue the legacy of the Black business pioneers who made this city into a thriving hub of Black excellence and culture.

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We offer more than just coworking memberships—we also provide support, advice, and resources to help you build your network and grow your business. To learn more about our membership options, simply give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

We want to uphold the legacy of Durham’s historical Black entrepreneurs, as well as support entrepreneurs and artists in our community today. If you are interested in purchasing one of our coworking memberships, we encourage you to give us a call.

At Provident1898, we offer coworking memberships to entrepreneurs and artists in the Research Triangle area, including Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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