Flexible Workspace, Durham, NC

Flexible workspaces give you the freedom to balance your work and personal life as you see fit.

Flexible working is a fairly modern concept, but it’s revolutionizing the way people work. With a flexible workspace, you can work on a schedule that suits your needs, whether it’s a typical 9 to 5, mornings or evenings only, staggered, part-time or full-time, or whatever configuration is most conducive to your productivity. Flexible working gives people the opportunity to balance their work-life dynamic and work around things like school drop-offs and pick-ups, appointments, rush hour traffic, and anything else life throws at them. If you’re looking for a flexible workspace in the Durham, North Carolina area, we here at Provident1898 have the solutions you need.

Flexible Workspace, Provident1898

We offer several different flexible workspace options, so you can choose your membership level based on how frequently you need a workspace. Our day passes are an excellent choice for those who only occasionally need a flexible workspace, and they grant you access to our facilities anytime from 9-5 on weekdays. Our all-access membership is ideal if you need an even more flexible workspace that allows you to work whenever you want, even well outside of regular business hours. With membership, you get 24/7 access to our workspaces, along with all the benefits of being part of a vibrant community of enterprising businesspeople.

No matter which of our flexible workspace plans you choose, you’ll gain access to all the usual office amenities, like our dedicated meeting and conference rooms, as well as perks like free coffee and tea. But beyond that, you’ll have access to a truly flexible workspace that allows you or your employees to work in a productive environment that is designed to help you succeed.

Contact us today to book a tour of our facilities and see for yourself all the benefits a flexible workspace has to offer.

At Provident1898, our flexible workspace is available to entrepreneurs and artists in the Research Triangle area, including Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.