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Come Join Us for a Day!

Our coworking community is a budding epicenter for innovative entrepreneurs, leaders, and artists. If you have thought about joining, try out a day pass to come and see what we’re all about.

Buy Your Day Pass!

Join us for a day and here’s what you’ll get:

, Provident1898

Access to our professional coworking space

, Provident1898

Free coffee or tea

, Provident1898

Use of our private call rooms (subject to availability)

, Provident1898

Conference rooms available for an additional fee

, Provident1898

“Provident1898 is more than just the best co-working space in Durham. It’s an inspiring, creative space with a local vibe that brings together a diverse collection of creatives, entrepreneurs, social justice activists — all inspired by the legacy, spirit and lasting impact of Black Wall Street. Join in to work, strategize, socialize and celebrate Durham!”

Carl R.

Come see why so many professionals choose our coworking space to work better. Contact us now to reserve your day pass!

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